In June 2010, JHA won an invited competition to convert a former Methodist Chapel into an Arts & Heritage Centre. The project was one of six projects that secured Lottery funding as part of the first round of village SOS projects. The centre opened its doors to the public on 9th April 2011.

Caistor is a town located on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds orientated towards Lincoln Cathedral. This project was the initiative of a group of local people looking for a place to house a collection of local artifacts. Key to the projects success was the relocation of the local central library which has been positioned at the heart of the centre. At the front of the centre there is a café, towards the rear there is a gallery room and IT bench. Stitched within the different programmes is a collection of local heritage. All of the spaces are connected by a wall lining that shifts from wall to shelving to storage depending on the functional and atmospheric requirement of the space. Materials have been sourced locally where possible; furniture and pendant lights are by JHA.

The project will be televised on the BBC later this year.

Status: Completed 2011
Client: Caistor Arts & Heritage
Photographs: David Grandorge



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