This project involves the partial demolition and restoration of listed buildings and the insertion of a new courtyard building and a building that faces the street accommodating two town houses, a retail unit and 18 apartments.

The site is located within Lincolns Cultural quarter.   The buildings at the western end of the site face onto the base of Steep Hill connecting the High Street with the Cathedral Quarter. Historically this range of buildings is the most important. This is represented by there Grade II listing.

The insertion of the Grantham Street Building creates a strong well defined edge reinstating the historic street pattern and completing the urban block. 
The courtyard buildings are high density appropriately scaled buildings with varying heights showing character that relates back to the buildings on the Strait and the Creative managed workspace buildings to the east.

The treatment of all the facades has been developed through the analysis of the sites location and orientation.   All south facing elevations excluding the most easterly building are brick pointed with lime mortar ragged flush.

The west façade onto Grantham Street relates more to its urban context. The openings in the elevation are generous in proportion in which high levels of daylight are allowed to penetrate internally this recalls the idea of a Georgian Terrace in creating a simplified façade by repetition.   Window reveals are splayed increasing views down the street. White painted internal shutters can be shut down for privacy, light reduction and climatic control or opened up for views and ventilation making an analogy with Georgian windows. The shutters also allow habitants the freedom of personalisation, transformation and the creation of a diverse and ever changing façade without compromising the simplicity of the architecture.

Status: Completed 2008
Client: Strait Developments
Photographs: David Grandorge

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