The site surrounding the existing barns was used for the storage of agricultural machinery and materials and was surrounded by un-surfaced roadways.  The proposal removes an inappropriate modern portal framed shed neighbouring the barns and a managed orchard of native species trees is planted.  This makes a sensitive transition from the barn to the adjacent open fields and mature woodland.  The existing barns have been restored with the addition of a single storey glazed entrance area.  The scale of the entrance area has been informed by existing wall locations and eaves heights. 

Where possible the existing building fabric of the walls and roofs is restored.  Window and door openings (some of which had been bricked up) have been sensitively opened up and reinstated causing minimal disturbance to the existing buildings.  On the south facing roof, the existing pantiles have been replaced with solar electric roof slates to generate electricity along with a wind turbine.  Heating and hot water is produced from a biomass boiler and a rainwater recycling tank and bio-tank have been installed.  Throughout, materials have been chosen for their low embodied energy and environmental impact including insulation and paint finishes.

The conversion attempts to be carbon neutral and offset any carbon emissions caused by traveling to the site by car.  By reusing as much of the existing building as possible; embodied energy in the production and transportation of new materials to site is minimized.  Extensive planting and onsite energy production offsets any carbon emissions from the development.

The following is an extract from Building Design, written by David Grandorge:
“This is a thoughtful and well realized scheme, both in its architectural attitude and self-sufficiency in terms of energy.  JHA has demonstrated an ability to work quietly and with confidence away from the glare of the London scene.  Here in the Lincolnshire countryside it has executed a project that is mature, assured and elegant.  I found it beautiful.”

Status: Completed 2010
Client: Private
Photographs: David Grandorge

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