The conversion of two farm workers cottages into a single dwelling involved the study of domestic ritual and building as an abstract object in the landscape. 
The existing 1960’s farm workers cottages required a new look.  Natural slate was chosen for the roof and three sides of the building.  This homogenous approach of over cladding makes the building appear like an object.  The front elevation is rendered ivory white acknowledging the road and highlighting its public front.  Window fenestrations are asymmetrical relating to its internal function.  Openings are more numerous on the rear elevation allowing south light to penetrate the interior and gives views across the garden and landscape beyond a low level rendered wall.  The rear garden is hard landscaped in york stone slabs creating an outdoor room.  The stone slabs flow into the interior entrance hall connecting the inside and outside spaces.  The limited palette is continued into the interior with oak flooring and white painted walls and ceilings.  Roof lights illuminate specific spaces and create light / shadow contrasts throughout the dwelling.

Status: Completed 2005
Client: Private
Photographs: JHA

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