Green Burial Site Reception Building
RIBA Competition- Shortlisted

Our proposal for a Green Burial Site Reception Building sets out to be a piece of the forest. We like the idea that a tree derives its language from the expression of its structure; trunk, branch and leaf. We not only want the building to be a part of the forest, we want it to belong to Warwickshire.

During our site visit we noticed a Long Barn on the hill adjacent to the burial site. Its simple linear form, timber frame and palette of materials are rooted in its place. This type of building is a familiar sight within the Warwickshire landscape and the majority of these buildings express their structural frame on the outside of the building giving them a distinct language; in a way like our observation of a tree.

Our proposal follows this ideology of expressing the buildings structural timber frame. The ‘V’ shaped timber frame makes an analogy to the way in which branches stem out, or the way in which the top of a hazel walking stick is shaped to support the weight of a hand.

JHA were shortlisted from 94 expressions of interest from architects based in the UK and Europe.




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