Doorstep Green

This scheme is for the development of 121 dwellings grouped around a doorstep green. Proposals are to be positioned within the existing mature landscape of a former Golf Club, which became redundant in 2008.

The aim of this project was to bring architectural housing to the masses. The project has been developed in collaboration with a large established housebuilder, which has presented the challenge of designing high-quality architecture on a strict budget.

The design of the landscape and architecture have been considered in equal measure. The relationship between home and landscape are at the heart of the project.

The development is intended to be at the forefront of sustainability and contemporary design. Our aim was to create a piece of village and not just a housing development. A place that has unique characteristics appropriate for its location and context.

Our project draws on the best of English residential architecture to create housing appropriate for today’s technology, environmental requirements, lifestyles and tastes. We have sought to create contemporary interpretations of a variety of English typologies.
We have designed a family of house types with elegant simplicity. They derive their language from proportion, symmetry and detail with high quality materials.




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