Great Fen Visitor Centre

Our proposal for the Great Fen Visitor Centre sets out to be a piece of the Cambridgeshire fen. This landscape has an overwhelming sense of horizontality derived from the flatness of the land and the vast expanse of sky.

The proposal is to make a long thin linear building that feels in harmony with the characteristics of the fen.

The building will have a large pitched thatched roof. Set within this roof, on the northern and southern sides, there will be a number of bat and bird boxes. The gables to the roof are lined with reclaimed clay land drains stacked horizontally; the spaces in- between the pipes will create an ideal habitat for nesting birds and insects.

A winding pathway through the wood will direct you to the entrance of the building.

As you enter the building you can see the reception, shop and landscape towards the south and east. To the right of the reception is the exhibition space.
The café is located at the south-western end of the building with expansive views out across the fen.




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